The unplanned images of nature from the mind & pre-planned images of pattern from inside the home in Turkey 2020.

A project I decided to do at the start of 2020 which happened to coincide with the time when the pandemic struck the world and a time when everything changed throughout the world. Suddenly the things we may have taken for granted like physical freedom, social interactions and gatherings were no longer possible.

So many of us turned towards nature, photography and other creative resources as a way of therapy and maintaining well-being. From a very young age I have enjoyed getting creative and devising new projects.

This latch-hook rug was inspired from my continued interest in using the method of latch-hooking to illustrate abstract images using wool from memory, nature, the subconscious mind, pattern and texture that surrounded me at that time……

I gifted this particular textiles rug to my family as a special birthday gift for their significant birthdays in 2021.

I can make a bespoke rug for your business or a special individual…

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