Photo by Miriam F Thomson

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ABOUT MF Contemporary Art

A website that features my creative projects and art work.

I have gifted some works to individuals and other pieces are available to buy as a limited edition print on request.

My work varies from original contemporary paintings and photography to textiles and modern jewellery.

I’ve exhibited internationally and I would like gallery representation ideally in the UK. I’m open to solo and group exhibitions in the UK and more international opportunities.

Also open to contracted design collaboration for print and media or film and stage purposes such as set design for contemporary play settings and film.


About me

I’m a UK born British visual artist with a mediterranean heart, thirst for arts, travel and adventure. I was born in Nottingham and I’ve spent time living and working in the arts and business fields in London. I have a degree in fine arts and a masters in Arts Policy and Management.

I moved to Turkey in 2017 and worked as an EFL instructor at the same time as working on my creative practice in Turkey. After five years of living and working in Turkey, I returned home to my roots and seeking new opportunities in the UK. In particular Greece and Turkey will always have a particular personal connection to myself and my creative practice.

All works are inspired by memory, the mind, nature, time and its effect. Many art works focus on our emotional interaction with the landscape and the behaviour of nature.

I am open to contracted commissions and fundraising collaborations.

If you like a piece of art or design but need it to be slightly different I can of course either adapt the piece or create a new piece to suit your needs and preference.

For further information please get in contact directly with me.

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